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"Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation: The Acquisition of Logging Data" by Oberto Serra

quot;Fundamentals of Well-Log Interpretation: The Acquisition of Logging Dataquot; by Oberto Serra
Developments in Petroleum Science, 15A
Elsevier Science Ltd | 1984 | ISBN: 0444421327 | 435 pages | File type: PDF/djvu | 12 mb 
This Volume is a useful on the subject of fundamentals of well log interpretation. The present limited access to such a collection of information on the combined subjects of logging measurements and log analysis justifies its acquisition by students and those entering the profession at any level. 

This book describes the various well-logging equipment at the disposal of geologists and reservoir engineers.

This book is the result of a fruitful collaboration involving several companies. It testifies to the desire of Elf Aquitaine to further an active policy of research and training, disseminating knowledge of modern technical developments amongst its field personnel.

Table of Contents 

1. Review of basic concepts
2. Logging techniques and measurements
3. The measurement of resistivity
4. The spontaneous potential��SP
5. An introduction to nuclear logs
6. Measurement of the nature1 gamma radioactivity
7. Natural gamma-ray spectrometry
8. Neutron logs 
9. Induced gamma-ray spectrometry
10. Thermal decay time measurements
11. Formation density measurements (the gemma-gamma log or density log)
12. Measurement of the mean atomic number (litho-density tool)
13. Acoustic log generalities�Cfundamentals
14. Measurement of the speed of sound (Sonic Log)
15. Measurement of sonic attenuation and amplitude
16. Measurement of the propagation time and attenuation rate of an electromagnetic wave (Electromagnetic Propagation Tool, EPT)
17. Borehole caliper measurements
18. Temperature measurements (temperature logs)
19. Dip measurements (dipmeter logs)
20. Wireline sampling
21. Other measurements
22. The place and role of logs in the search for petroleum
Appendix 1-7.
Index and Glossary


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